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We started from scratch to develop the most robust, full-featured, scalable software ever available to the multiple-restaurant delivery industry, Power Flash.

The Power Flash Delivery System was designed by Scott McMurrain. Back in 1992, the multiple restaurant delivery industry was in its infancy. There were only a handful of services located across the country, and there were no good programs designed for this industry.

At the time, our primary business was building and installing computer systems in small to medium sized companies in the Tallahassee, Florida area. Due to changing market conditions, our business was slowly shifting from hardware installation to software design.

When approached by one of our customers, a multiple restaurant delivery service, with a request for software to operate their business, we saw a need that we could fulfill.

Over the next several years, we developed and marketed the HDS (Home Delivery System). The DOS based system became the industry leader, installed in over 75 services across the country. A Windows-based version of HDS was introduced in 1996.

In 1999, we started an entirely new company dedicated entirely to the multiple restaurant delivery industry, and introduced the DMS System 2000, a Windows 95 based system that built entirely from the ground up. The number of installed systems increased to over 100. This system was based on Microsoft Access, the entry level database system from Microsoft.

In 2000, the DMS System 2000 was sold to a large delivery service that had locations across the country. The sale of the DMS System 2000 cleared the way for the development of our latest delivery product, the Power Flash Delivery System.

The Power Flash Delivery System has also been designed from the ground up. It was designed using the latest development tools from Microsoft and other leading software development companies. It was not based on the desktop database system Microsoft Access. Like the original DOS-based system that used an Industrial Strength Server based database management software (BTRIEVE), the Power Flash Delivery System utilizes the Industrial Strength database features of Microsoft SQL Server, a true client server database system utilized by the largest corporate systems in the country.

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