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We were founded by Scott McMurrain in 1983 as a computer consulting company in Florida. We designed small, custom software packages for companies in our area. We designed and sold a general ledger bookkeeping and payroll system that was used for many years by several local businesses. In 1988, we opened a retail computer store in Tallahassee and began to sell hardware as well as software. We were one of the largest retailers of Leading Edge computers, one of the most popular of the original IBM clones. As computers became more and more of a commodity, we returned to our roots, and concentrated on our core software development business. Although we still sell hardware in conjunction with our software, we closed our retail store in 1999. In 1992, we began to develop software for the multiple-restaurant delivery industry. Starting with a local delivery service in Tallahassee, we rapidly gained clients throughout the United States and Canada. By 1999, we had sold our software to over 100 delivery services! In 1999, we released our first Windows version of the software. This rapidly became the standard in the industry.

We sold our core package to a dot.com in April of 2000. When the dot.com, like so many others, failed in 2001, we started to develop our current software, the Power Flash Delivery System. Using all of the knowlege we gained over the previous 10 years, we started from scratch to develop the most robust, full-featured, scalable software ever available to the multiple-restaurant delivery industry. In the past fourteen years, Power Flash has become the industry leader. It is in use by over 40 of the largest services in the country, and we are adding new services almost every month!

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