There are several types of insurance that you need to carry when operating your business.

General Liability Insuranve

This insurance covers general incidents that you may encounter, such as spoiled food, slip and falls, stolen funds. This type of liability insurance is generally easier to obtain that the other types listed below. It is important that your agent properly classfies your business as a courier-type service.

Non-Owned Auto Insurance

This type of insurance covers you in case one of your drivers has an accident. This is the most expensive type of insurance that you will buy, and it generally hard to obtain. Two sources that are popular with our other customers are KBS Insurance and Oswald Insurance. Both of these companies specialize in his type of insurance for our industry.

Worker's Compensation

If you classfiy your drivers as employees, this type of insurance is probably a legal requirement. Some states also require this even of independent contractors.

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