Scott McMurrain

Scott McMurrain

Chief Software Designer

Scott McMurrain has over 25 years experience building computers and designing software. he has over 15 years experience working with all aspects of the multiple-restaurant delivery industry, including menu guide design, general management, driving, dispatching, software design, and much more. He has personally visited over fifty delivery services throughout the United States and Canada. He is the chief author of the Power Flash Delivery System.

Michael Mahony

Cheif Technology Officer

Mike has over 25 years of system development, website design, and program coding experience, and has worked with the Power Flash System for over 15 years.

Mike previously worked as the Director of Technology Solution for Restaurants on the Run, and was a part of their Executive Team. He also was part of a team that helped to automate the document filing and retrieval system used by the courts, judges, and attorneys in Southern California. He is familiar with the latest technologies, and uses that experience to ensure that the Power Flash system makes the most of the cutting edge technolgies being deployed today!

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